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Credit Lines: Innovation For Impact

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Innovation For Impact

One of the four pillars of financial health includes the ability to borrow. Effective borrowing requires incurring a manageable level of debt so that you can repay it on time. Timely payments improve your credit score, increasing your future borrowing potential and possibly saving you money through a lower interest rate. Simple, right? Well, what happens if your business cashflows aren’t predictable or your business is seasonal or operates within short-term windows of time? Ascendus created a line of credit offer to address these issues, and Annie’s story below highlights the transformative impact of this new product. The need is sometimes even more significant, such as the complete market absence of affordable capital. On this front, we celebrate our 20 year anniversary of serving Floridian businesses. Whether through new products or geographical expansion, Ascendus continually innovates to impact the lives of the business owners we serve positively.

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Annie’s Line of Credit: My Business is the Strongest It’s Ever Been

The Ascendus loan helped further me and allowed me to grow. Since the Line of Credit, my business is the strongest it’s ever been.” Annie’s Line of Credit came just in time, without it she wouldn’t have had the funds to cater a high-profile event that changed the trajectory of her small business. Since then, Annie’s business has grown exponentially. She has grown her staff to four team members, stopped working additional jobs, and gotten her bachelor’s.

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Ascendus Celebrates 20 Years of Impact in Florida

This year, Ascendus is celebrating our twenty-year anniversary in Florida, and looking back at our impact on small business owners and the community. Since 2003, Ascendus has supported over 13,000 clients with over $53MM in Florida – creating and saving 13,800 jobs; and coaching clients in areas such as credit, managing cashflow, and more – laying the path for clients to be financially healthier after receiving a loan.

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