we support your
small business
financial journey.

we believe in the
power of up.

At Ascendus, we understand that your business is more than just a way to make money. It’s a way to move up. A way to improve your life, care for your family, and contribute to your community.

We listen and collaborate

we believe in the
power of you.

Your strength, passion and courage inspire us. No one knows your business like you do, which is why we listen and work closely with you to understand your objectives and dreams.

We work with you to build a solid plan

we believe in the good
you will accomplish.

As an entrepreneur, you are the backbone of our economy. The goods and services you provide make the world a better place. Together, we rise.

We continue to provide support long after your loan is secured

At Ascendus, we believe in the power of up! Click to view our launch video.

Since my first loan with Ascendus, I have increased my staff, the number of children I can serve, and raised my credit score by 90 points.

The Ascendus loan kept me from going bankrupt. Through the loan I paid my employees, my rent, my bills, and bought the inventory to keep my restaurant open.

Through the Ascendus loan, I became the owner of my own clinic. Now I can treat whoever I want, whenever I want, in a space that is my own.

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