Spring into Action: Grow Your Small Business with a Business Loan

“Access to fresh produce is an important part of the fabric of our society. This food is going to local food banks, to furloughed employees, to people in need. Our work is necessary to ensure that people can be fed.”

– Jessie Banhazl, Green City Growers

As we celebrate Earth Month this April, we are proud to share one of our clients making a positive impact in her community through sustainable agriculture. Her inspiring efforts are aimed at promoting gardening and making it accessible to people regardless of their location.

Spring is a season of growth and renewal, and it’s the perfect time to consider the growth of your small business. One way to support that growth is to apply for a business loan or line of credit, but ensuring you do so at the right time is important. If you want to invest in new equipment or expand your team, a larger loan could provide the capital you need to make that happen. However, if your business needs are unpredictable, it may be best to take out a line of credit loan for working capital.

By approaching the growth of your business with the same care and attention as you would a garden in spring, you can set your business up for a successful and fruitful season.

Ascendus offers two main options to help your business grow: capital and credit. Understanding the difference between the two can help you make a more informed decision on the kind of financial support you’d like.

Capital is funding to finance a need for your business to increase productivity, make improvements, retain employees, pay bills, invest in products for future sales, and more. Capital is appropriate when you have a set dollar amount of funding that you need.

Credit is knowing you have access to funds or cash when you need it. Much like a credit card, this allows you to repay what you use and keep it in line with sales.

Ascendus’ loan consultants are always happy to answer your questions and support you through the application process. Check out our products and see how we can help you flourish during this Spring season of growth and beyond!

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Click to watch, and learn more about the incredible businesses that successfully navigated the pandemic with Ascendus.

Donut Villa Diner Logo

Donut Villa Diner combines a modern menu with an old-school diner atmosphere. They offer Donut French Toast, Boston Cream Pancakes, Vegan/Gluten-Free menus, and everything in between – in several locations around Massachusetts.

Krewe De Fromage Logo

Krewe De Fromage offers mouth-watering cheese boards, grazing stations, and more. Catering for everything, from individual parties to corporate events. Jen, the founder of Krewe De Fromage, seeks to share the value of community and small moments through her delicious creations.

Vouke Logo

Vouke is a beverage company that offers a line of all-natural, low-sugar, and vegan-friendly sparkling waters infused with fruit flavors. Their products are designed to provide a healthier alternative to traditional sodas and other sugary drinks.

Business Term Loan

For small business owners who need money to grow their business, Ascendus offers loans from $500 – $50,000. Qualified businesses will be located nationwide, except Vermont.
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CT Small Business Boost Fund

Supported by the Connecticut Department of Economic & Community Development, this fund links Connecticut small businesses and nonprofits to financial support.
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Childcare Business Development

Qualified Businesses can be found nationwide, excluding Vermont. If you have been in business for more than three years, you can access up to $20,000 in fast-track financing at the same interest rate within 48 hours. No paperwork is needed to apply.
Read More

Rideshare Business Term Loan

Loans up to $15,000 in financing for rideshare businesses are offered at 9.99%. Qualified businesses will be in CT, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, or RI.
Read More

Business Line of Credit

Access a line of credit up to $10,000 in fast-track financing at a 13.99% interest rate.
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Get Ready Business Line of Credit

No FICO minimum! This line of credit product is designed for African American small business owners ready to improve their credit and invest in their business. The Get Ready Line of Credit starts at $500 for the first 6 months and grows to $5,000 with good repayment and completion of a credit action plan. Offered at 13.99%. Business must be in FL, NY, NJ (city of Newark excluded), CT, MA,
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Ascendus Credit Coaching

Free tailored credit coaching for all current clients that are interested in our Get Ready Loan product. Training sessions will include credit building, debt management tailored to long- and short-term goals, prioritizing debt repayment, budget assessment, and assessment for current credit-building programs.
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One-on-one Personal Finance Coaching where and when you need it, available through our partnership with Trust Plus, a national nonprofit with three decades of experience.
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Eastern Bank Equity Alliance

Equity Alliance for Business seeks to meet the needs of business owners with 51% or greater ownership by women or people of color and all their intersectionality, including the LGTBQIA+, veterans and disabled communities, who may not qualify for access to capital with traditional underwriting standards. The program offers: local 1:1 banking relationships, credit solutions including a special purpose credit program, supplementary financial products & services, access to other tools & resources.
Read More

M&T Bank Business Educational Seminar Series

Lowell, MA

Businesses that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted may now be able to claim up to $26,000 in refundable payroll tax credits per employee. The seminar will be held May 9th, from 5-6:30 PM at 10 George Street, Lowell, MA. For more information on eligibility and to register, please email [email protected].

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