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Rideshare Business Term Loan

Ascendus offers a unique funding opportunity for self-employed entrepreneurs who offer delivery and transportation services to individuals through platform apps such as: Instacart, Grubhub, Door Dash, Lyft, Relay, Uber, Uber Eats, etc.

*minimum draw down required

requirements for a Rideshare term loan

  • Must be full-time driver on a delivery or passenger platform (taxi drivers are ineligible)
  • Must have a credit score above 625 or a zero (0) credit score
  • Must be operating a minimum of 1 year
  • Must be in NY, NJ, CT, MA, RI, ME, NH, GA, FL, or MI.

• Interest rate: 13.99%

• Loan terms: 48 months
• Maximum loan amount: $15,000

what can you use the loan for?

Ride-hailing services have gained popularity in recent years due to attributes such as reduced travel costs, traffic congestion, and emissions. However, with the impact of COVID-19, the rideshare market is estimated to lose its fair share of an uprising as a transportation mode.

Use Ascendus’ unique Rideshare product to fund expenses unique to business owners just like you. These can include: mechanic repairs and oil changes, car washes, EZ-pass fees, a phone bill or just working capital.

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