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Childcare Business Loan

If you are a licensed childcare provider of more than 3 years and are only require a loan of no more than $25,000, take advantage of our Fast Track process (specific requirements below).

requirements for the Childcare Fast Track Business Loan:

  • Access up to $25,000 in fast track financing at the same interest rate (9.99%) within 48 hours if you have been operating for more than 3 years. No paperwork required to apply!
  • Must be a licensed family childcare provider
  • Licensed for 3+ years*
  • May have ‘0’ credit score (for those with no credit), or a minimum of 575 FICO score
  • Other requirements may apply

Learn more in our FAQs.

*If you’ve been licensed for less than 3 years, apply for a Business Term Loan.

the impact of access to childcare

Childcare is one of the most important investments we can make in the future. Access to affordable, quality childcare provides a triple bottom line to communities: children who benefit from early education; parents who benefit from participation in the workforce; and childcare providers who create jobs and income for themselves and their employees. Daycares provide over 4 million children and parents with opportunity every day, but access and affordability are still challenges – half of American families don’t have access to affordable childcare. Investing in the growth and strength of the small businesses who provide childcare is more important than ever.

I started off with a food truck. Now I have two restaurants and another on the way. All because Ascendus gave me that first loan.

Because of Ascendus we were able to continue operations. Ascendus gave us an affordable interest rate, allowed us to offer competitive pay packages, and overall, helped us grow our business.

Ascendus gave me resources, helped me build credit, and helped me prove that I could pay back a loan.

become our partner in childcare

Ensuring that every parent has access to affordable, quality childcare requires a coalition: a network of clients, partners and donors working together to provide every childcare business with the needed resources to serve both themselves and their communities.

Ascendus is working to build that coalition: to connect the individuals and organizations that together, can bring security and opportunity to our country’s children and parents. Partner with us today and help us in bringing this mission to life.

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