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Glenroy Burke

The Jerk Cafe

New England, Massachusetts

“It’s great that our business can be a platform for people to be supportive and connect with each other.” – Glenroy Burke

When Glenroy was 11, he sat at the table with his family of eleven and watched his mom cry. I watched her put her hands on her head and say “Lord help my children.” Glenroy lived in a rural town in Port Antonio, Jamaica. His mom struggled to put enough food on the table on a daily basis. On this day, there just wasn’t enough. If that situation didn’t happen that evening I wouldn’t be in the position I am now, recalls Glenroy.


After that night at the table, Glenroy knew he wanted to own his own restaurant. He started as a dishwasher in Jamaica and eventually became a chef for a cruise line, which brought him to Cape Cod. I learned that business is not easy, and that you’ve got to respect the path. Patience, ambition, and passion helped Glenroy take control of his destiny.


Today Glenroy is better known as Chef Shrimpy to locals in Cape Cod. His restaurant, The Jerk Cafe, serves Jamaican-style jerk food using a combination of traditional Jamaican spices and distinct grilling techniques a new cuisine for the community. Since opening in 2008, The Jerk Cafe takes advantage of its close proximity to the ocean and incorporates fresh crab, shrimp and scallops into its menu.


Glenroy turned to Ascendus when he needed to purchase a new fridge and make some updates to his kitchen. He hopes to continue expanding beyond his restaurant by selling his famous jerk sauce, with a goal to see his products on store shelves across the country.


The best part of finally owning his own restaurant? Taking care of his mom. “The sweetest part is that the same mother who never had enough meat to put on her plate, can now heat enough food from my success that started in the same kitchen that she was crying in.”

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