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“Ascendus helped get my business get back on track. Now when the small businesses I help need funding, I tell them to reach out to Ascendus.”

How Moon Doubled Her Income in One Year with Help from Ascendus


Moon was at the end of her rope. “Things were so bad, I was sitting in my kitchen trying to figure out the next step in my business and my electricity turned off, I didn’t have the money to pay the bill.” Moon was surviving without a phone, water, or electricity, all while supporting and homeschooling her three children on her own, working full time, and trying to run her own business. “My business is centered on helping those in my community, but this time I needed help.”

Moon’s business focuses on helping those in her community set up their own small businesses. She helps them with the legal processes, setting up their websites, and helping them launch. She found out about Ascendus through a small business owner she helped. “I thought it was too good to be true, they would never be able to help me, but I reached out anyway. I met with Dorian, and it was a valuable experience. It was clear she really cared about my business.” Moon received a $20,000 loan from Ascendus and used that capital to make the necessary changes that allowed her business to take off. “Now, I’ve doubled my income from last year, and I’ve transitioned out of my job to working on my business full time.”




Moon used her funding to incorporate t-shirt production into her business. “I did not have the credit to take out a traditional loan. The holidays came up, and I knew that if I wanted to transition it would have to be during this time. The Ascendus loan came at the right time. The holidays saved me and my business. I bought products and did a marketing campaign, things that were never possible to me before because of poor credit.”

Moon’s t-shirt business is also helping to inspire her clients. “I taught a client how to her set up her own t-shirt business, now she is making more money than me! I love that I could help her this way.”

In addition to her funding, Moon also attended Ascendus workshops to learn how to manage her credit. “I learned from Ascendus; they really did help me with my credit. Camery stepped in like she was my sister. She looked out for me and responded so quickly with resources. I really appreciate her.”


During the hardest days, Moon is grateful that she had her community to lean on for support. “Detroit looks out for each other. You can count on each other as a close-knit family. When I got my butt kicked with my small business, my community helped me to pay my bills and to get me on my feet again. I have done so much for my city, and now I can keep helping more people because of the help I received. Ascendus helped get my business get back on track. Now when the small businesses I help need funding, I tell them to reach out to Ascendus.”

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