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Miami, FL

“The loan really helped me level up my opportunities. Through investing in this aspect of my business, my productivity went up 40%.”

Stina Finds a Key to Success Through Ascendus

“I always created the funds myself and fed them back into my business, but my sister, who is also a business owner, said at some point I would need a loan. I realized that all I was doing was maintaining my business. In order to grow it, I would need to invest more.”

Stina established Keymaker Services to help companies become neuroinclusive. “Put simply, that means understanding how different employees’ cognitive styles affect how they work.” Stina’s work doesn’t only impact employees; it also impacts the entire organizational structure of companies.  Once going through her team trainings or individual coaching, organizations can unlock the potential of their employees, leading to greater productivity and retention. “Knowing how your employees need to perform, what kind of work environment they thrive in, and how they communicate opens up the gateway to trust, loyalty, and inclusion. That is retention.”


Stina’s work is influential, and it is making a positive impact across the professional spheres. However, in order to expand her customer base, she needed to get the word out there about her business. She needed to invest in marketing. “I wanted to make a bigger impact. I didn’t want business to just trickle in; I wanted it to flow.” Stina used her Ascendus loan to hire a marketing strategist. She developed market research, a brand strategy, and hired a social media contractor. “Now, there’s videos and content to show the impact of my work. I have larger companies that I work with. I even had my very first LinkedIn event. The loan really helped me level up my opportunities. If we didn’t feed into marketing, we would be countering our ultimate goal, which is access to learning about neurodiversity. Through investing in this aspect of my business, my productivity went up 40%.”


Through Keymaker Services, Stina has a three-fold effect on her community. She is helping those who are neurodivergent gain the training needed to best perform in their fields; she is helping companies become better suited to support diversity; and she is advocating for change and accessibility in the workforce. “This work is so impactful and important. As someone who is neurodivergent and works in the professional sphere, I know how important it is and what it feels like to not be supported. I want to make a positive change for those around me, and through Keymakers, I can do that.”

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