Small Business Hacks: Boost Productivity With These Time-Saving Tools

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Time is a precious resource, and finding ways to optimize how you use your time can make a significant difference in achieving business goals. In this newsletter, we’re sharing valuable insights and time-saving life hacks to maximize productivity while running your business. Read on and learn about various apps, software, and techniques to help you simplify tasks, streamline processes, and save valuable time.

Task Management Organization: Trello, Google Calendar, Asana, Monday, Basecamp

Manage projects effortlessly with Trello’s boards, lists, and cards. Alternatively, try Google Calendar for scheduling, Asana for comprehensive project management, Basecamp for simplified team communication, or Monday for team collaboration. Choose the tool that suits your needs best and experience streamlined task management.

Automation and Integrations: Zapier, Integromat (Make), Microsoft Power Automate, IFTTT

Automate tasks with Zapier’s vast integration library. Or explore Integromat for complex workflows, Microsoft Power Automate for seamless integration with Microsoft tools, or IFTTT for a wide range of automation possibilities. Let these tools handle repetitive tasks while you focus on important aspects of your business.

Time Tracking: Toggl, Harvest, Clockify, RescueTime, Timely

Track time effectively with Toggl’s user-friendly interface. Alternatively, discover Harvest with built-in invoicing, Clockify for free time tracking, RescueTime for detailed insights, or Timely for automatic time tracking. Take control of your productivity with the time-tracking tool that suits you.

Content Creation and Social Media Management: Canva, Adobe Express (formerly Adobe Spark), Buffer

With Canva’s user-friendly design tools and vast selection of customizable templates, Adobe Spark’s exceptional ability to create visually striking graphics and captivating web pages, and Buffer’s efficient scheduling and social media management capabilities, these are just some of many options to streamline your content creation and elevate your social media presence.

Streamlined Communication: Slack, Microsoft Teams, Discord, Twist, Flock

Communicate efficiently with Slack’s industry-leading platform. Explore Microsoft Teams for comprehensive team collaboration, Discord for versatile communication, Twist for asynchronous communication in remote teams, or Flock for simplicity and integration. Choose the tool that fits your business dynamics and enhances team communication.

Explore these options and discover which ones align with your unique needs. By harnessing the power of these time-saving tools, you can regain precious hours and shift your focus towards what truly matters: the growth and success of your business.

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Pia Yoga Logo

Pia Yoga offers yoga classes for individuals, events, and online from the comfort of your own home!  With occasional retreats and a myriad of yoga certifications under her belt, Pia continues to deepen her yoga journey and spreads the many benefits of yoga to those she teaches.

Flow Shala

Flow Shala seeks to motivate, educate, and inspire through integrating steel clubs, yoga, steel mace, RAD roller, and more all into one studio.  Their unique programs help you feel stronger and reclaim your flow state.

Karibe Dance Studio Logo

Karibe Dance Studio is teaching the world to dance one step at a time. Whether you are looking to learn to dance for fun or to become a professional, Karibe Dance Studio is the place for you; their easy-to-learn techniques and inviting environment are designed to help you achieve your goal as quickly and easily as possible.

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Need a loan, line of credit, or just some personal finance coaching to help your business grow? Check out these products and resources designed for your needs.

Business Term Loan

For small business owners who need money to grow their business, Ascendus offers loans from $500 – $50,000. Qualified businesses will be located nationwide, except Vermont.
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CT Small Business Boost Fund

Supported by the Connecticut Department of Economic & Community Development, this fund links Connecticut small businesses and nonprofits to financial support.
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Childcare Business Development

Qualified Businesses can be found nationwide, excluding Vermont. If you have been in business for more than three years, you can access up to $20,000 in fast-track financing at the same interest rate within 48 hours. No paperwork is needed to apply.
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Rideshare Business Term Loan

Loans up to $15,000 in financing for rideshare businesses are offered at 13.99%.
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Business Line of Credit

Access a line of credit up to $10,000 in fast-track financing at a 13.99% interest rate.
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“Get Ready” Business Line of Credit

No FICO minimum! This line of credit product is designed for Black and African American small business owners ready to improve their credit and invest in their business. Up to $5,000 and offered at 13.99%.
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Ascendus Credit Coaching

Free tailored credit coaching for all current clients that are interested in our “Get Ready” Loan product.
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Eastern Bank Equity Alliance

Local 1:1 banking relationships, credit solutions including a special purpose credit program, supplementary financial products & services, access to other tools & resources.
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