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It takes a CDFI village…to raise a just economy

It takes a CDFI village…to raise a just economy

The “us” in Ascendus comes from the recognition that we can only achieve our vision together with others. Related to this notion were two outcomes from the Opportunity Financial Network (OFN) conference last week. First, Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) represent the last mile in reaching underserved communities. Second, CDFIs have united and linked their mission efforts, talent, and resources, to create economies of scope like never before. Together, with the public and private sectors, CDFIs have built a village of inclusive capital and support services that positively transform lives and create a more just economy. As we tackle income and wealth inequality, our affordable housing shortage, and the existential need to decarbonize our planet, we will need the CDFI village even more. Ascend- “us” stands ready to join forces with others in fulfilling our vision of creating a world of financial ascension for all.

Yours in collaborative mission impact,

Paul Quintero

Three Lessons Learned from Invest in Change: The 2022 OFN Conference

Invest in Change brought the Ascendus team three important lessons that emphasize the “us” in Ascendus is alive and well. First, collaboration is here to stay. Second, our work is personal. This was solidified through seeing the dedication, passion, and empathy CDFI leaders have for their roles and for the people they serve. Finally, economic justice stays a collective focus. Our CDFI leaders represent minority and diversity groups that emphasize that this foundational element still powers our missions.

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How the CDFI Rapid Response Program Helped Increase Canney’s Business By 30%

Canney owned and ran a medical massage therapy practice independently for 10 years. Unfortunately, in 2022, Canney had to undergo spinal surgery. She was unable to work on clients and needed to hire temporary contractors. She reached out to Ascendus and received a $25,000 loan. Through this Canney hired two contractors, and her clients increased by 30%. Because of the success, Canney plans to expand her business to a second location.

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Ascendus Celebrates Generosity Through Give Miami Day

Give Miami Day kicks off on November 11th! This annual giving event celebrates the nonprofits that help Miami thrive and allows every individual the chance to be a philanthropist. Ascendus is proud take part in this opportunity to raise awareness about the significant role nonprofits have in the Miami area. All contributions made towards Ascendus will help to deliver programming in the Miami-Dade area.

Check out the Ascendus Give Miami Day profile:

Celebrate Autumn with the Ascendus Marketplace!

Donut Villa Diner specializes in making novelty donuts and other sweet treats. This Autumn, they have created Pumpkin Pie, Maple Bacon, Apple Cider, and Pecan Pie Donuts to celebrate the warm, delicious, flavors that this season evokes. If savory is more your style, their Autumn lineup also includes individual Thanksgiving meals complete with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and more. They have three locations in Boston, or you can order delivery and catering directly to your home.

Check out Donut Villa Diner here:

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