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A Holiday Ode to Financial Ascension

A Holiday Ode to Financial Ascension

It’s a month from the New Year, and all through the land,

people are shopping, for their favorite brand.

But the brand that most matters, whether here or afar,

is your local small business, each town’s north shiny star.

When our country was halted, and we sheltered in place,

who was deemed essential, and asked to risk their fate?

‘Twas the grocer, the restaurant, the Boba Tea makers,

many childcare providers, and even the bakers.

With support from Ascendus, through grants, loans, and advice,

our unsung heroes, survived the perilous nights.

Ascendus Offers Tailored Credit Coaching to Clients

In low-moderate-income communities and communities of color, credit can often be seen as a liability instead of an asset. Many Ascendus clients are unable to get traditional bank loans due to a lack of credit. Through training from Credit Builders Alliance, Ascendus has a certified Master Trainer on our team and Ascendus loan consultants can offer tailored credit building solutions to small business owners. Ascendus Credit Coaching will center on the importance of credit as an asset instead of a liability, debt management tailored to long- and short-term goals, and prioritizing debt repayment through budget assessment.

Learn More About Ascendus Credit Coaching

Bring in the Holiday Cheer with Stories of Ascension!

Our Stories of Ascension: Focusing on the Future series has wrapped for this year, but you can still see all the inspirational stories of our clients through our website. Hear from CEO Paul Quintero, our partners, and six small business owners across New York, Boston, and Miami. Hear how an Ascendus loan helped them achieve success and see how they make an impact on their communities, employees, and families.

View Stories of Ascension

Get the Perfect Holiday Gift Through the Ascendus Marketplace

The Ascendus marketplace has everything you could wish for in terms of a holiday gift. With over 80 small businesses, even the pickiest shoppers can find something they love through our variety of products and locations. Find a new holiday outfit in one of our 20 apparel stores, or your next favorite treat with one of our 33 food and beverage clients. New adventures await at the Ascendus Marketplace!

Shop local through the Ascendus Marketplace

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