How to upload a selfie ID documentation to boost your application

When applying with Ascendus, our team may ask you for aditional documentation in order to enhance your application.

Follow these guidelines to have a seamless process!

How to take a good selfie with Government ID?


  • Use the same Government ID you submitted during the application.
  • Government ID must match the details on your application.
  • Make sure to face the camera with your face fully visible, with good lighting.
  • Take your own selfie photo and keep your camera at eye level.
  • Use either the front or back camera to get the highest photo resolution.
  • Select a plain, neutral background.
  • Remove any ID case or protective holder to avoid glare or reflections.

❌Do Not

  • Cover your face (e.g. wearing eyeglasses, sunglasses, hats, or the like).
  • Take a selfie photo with shadows or reflections.
  • Take a selfie photo with expired Government ID.
  • Upload a cropped or edited selfie photo.
  • Take a selfie photo with Government ID that does not match the details from your application.
  • Submit a photo with other people in the image.

What to do when uploading your IDs and documents?


  • Provide Government IDs that are in the accepted ID list:
    • State identification (ID) card.
    • Driver license.
    • US passport or passport card.
    • Permanent Resident Card.
    • Foreign passport.
  • Upload a clear selfie photo with your Government ID.
  • Upload original, full-sized, and unedited documents.
  • Remove any ID card holders or covers to ensure that information are shown clearly
  • Ensure that important information are clearly visible and readable including your signature.
  • Double check if your Government ID is damaged or expired before you take the photo.
  • Make sure details are the same as the information you entered on your application.
  • Ensure all information is clear including second page (if any) if it’s a screenshot or a scanned copy.
  • Upload a file size which is less than 5MB with file type: jpg, jpeg, png, or pdf.

❌Do Not

  • Upload any damaged, tampered, incomplete or expired documents and IDs.
  • Provide any false information on your application.
  • Use a flash when taking photos of your documents.
  • Upload a black and white image.
  • Take a screenshot or scan a document in a dark room.

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