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Celebrating Women’s History Month and ‘The Power of Up’

Today is my eldest daughter’s sixteenth birthday. As she transitions from young adult to adult, I think about what lessons I hope she remembers in the future. One lesson that I have personally witnessed and heard from our women business owners is their belief in building up their businesses and doing it in a way that builds up their families, employees, and communities. Claudia Gaviria of Creative Little Hands Daycare intentionally selected the South Bronx for her childcare work to uplift local children. Kymme Williams-Davis of Bushwick Grind Café chose to be an active participant in the redevelopment of her neighborhood by starting a business and giving it the imprimatur of her voice, culture, and values. These women, and countless others, show they believe in ‘The Power of Up’ and the endless possibilities of a future you can create, not just envision. Now that’s a lesson worth remembering.

Yours in helping others find ‘The Power of Up’

Paul Quintero

Catch Up on the Inspiring Stories of Small Business Owners

This Way Up: Stories of Ascension provided a firsthand look into the hopes, fears, challenges, and successes amid historic levels of danger and uncertainty in the lives of small business owners. This evergreen storytelling event created awareness of Ascendus’s mission, honored the entrepreneurial journey and courage of our clients, and highlighted the important ways our partners facilitate those journeys. View the unique stories of our clients here:

Ascendus and Sam Adams BTAD Award $10,000 to FreezCake

Five small food and beverage businesses in the Miami-Dade area gathered for the 2022 Pitch Room Competition this month, a Shark Tank inspired competition created by Ascendus and the Sam Adams Brewing the American Dream program. The winner, FreezCake, a portable, freeze-dried, cheesecake snack, was awarded $10,000. In addition, all contestants were awarded a year of professional coaching to grow their business. Sam Adams Brewing the American Dream invests in the holistic health of food and beverage businesses – including not just capital, but mentorship opportunities to help businesses grow. Learn about upcoming Ascendus events here:,webinar

Ascendus Offers a New Loan for Self-Employed Rideshare Clients

Ascendus is now offering the Rideshare Business Term Loan. The rideshare market and those that are self-employed have been historically challenged, and the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the negative factors these markets face. With this loan, self-employed entrepreneurs who offer delivery and transportation services through third-party applications can now receive a loan of up to $10,000 for everything from car repairs to working capital. This program is part of an industry-focused strategy to grow Ascendus’s footprint among communities of color. Learn more about the loan here:

Celebrate Women’s History Month with The Ascendus Marketplace

To celebrate Women’s History Month, shop women-owned businesses like Kymme’s in the Ascendus marketplace. Kymme Williams-Davis is making a difference in her community one day at a time. In 2015, she opened Bushwick Grind Café because she saw a lack of healthy food options in her community. When the pandemic hit, she opened a community fridge to give free food to those in need. Today, she is continuing her mission to provide better food options in Brooklyn, NY by creating an urban farm. Shop today:

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