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Makeiba Winclas

The Luxe Travel Plug

Brookyln, New York

“I am very grateful for Ascendus taking the chance on me so that I can grow as an individual and a business.”

Makeiba Provides Safe Travel, New Experiences, and Job Opportunities

“When I finally graduated from university, I wanted to celebrate by going on an international trip, but I couldn’t find anyone to go with me.” After a lot of planning and research, Makeiba decided to go alone. When she returned, she decided to help other women like herself to experience the world in a safe and meaningful way. She started The Luxe Travel Plug in 2021 and provides safe opportunities for women of color to travel independently. “I wanted to help guide women of color so they could feel save travelling alone.”

Through The Luxe Travel Plug, Makeiba organizes solo trips for women, taking care of the bookings, hotels, flights, experiences, and ensuring that it is completely safe. She also organizes group trips for women, allowing women who aren’t ready to take the plunge of travelling alone to travel together, creating a network and support system of female travelers. “After my first group trip, the group of ladies stayed in contact, and they still travel together today. They still book me for their travels, and that group has grown from 10 clients to 30 clients.”


By 2022, Makeiba’s travel agency had gained a significant amount of traction. She had run 11 trips, and there were already 19 trips planned for 2023. Makeiba needed to put all the deposits on her personal card, and when there were cancellations, she could not get the money she spent back. This caused damaged credit. Her company was also young and still developing. These combinations made her profile risky to a traditional bank. “How can I build the credibility if I’m not given the opportunity to do so, how can I get the experience if I’m not given a start?”

To have the working capital to continue running her business, she would need funding. She reached out to Ascendus and was qualified to enroll in the Get Ready Line of Credit Program, a program designed by Ascendus to help Black business owners rebuild damaged credit. “I had quite an amazing experience with Ascendus. My loan consultant was detailed, well organized, and broke down everything so I could see how to improve my personal credit and how my business can grow.”


Through her line of credit, Makeiba can build business credibility and expand her business. She has expanded the travel opportunities for women of color, and through investing in marketing and advertising she has expanded her client base.

Due to the growth of her business and the funding from the Get Ready program, Makeiba is also in the process of hiring an assistant and travel agents to accompany her clients on their tours, providing an extra level of safety and expertise. “I am very grateful for Ascendus taking the chance on me so that I can grow as an individual and a business.”

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