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Our goal is to help business owners ascend to a better life. And while you’ll find us listed individually below, you can be sure that we work together as a team to ensure your success.

Paul Quintero, Chief Executive Officer

Paul joined Ascendus as its CFO in 2007 and was later selected to become its CEO in 2011.  Under Paul’s leadership, almost every aspect of the organization has been positively impacted during his tenure, including but not limited to the successful development and implementation of multi-year strategic plans; complete rebranding of the entire organization; effective board recruitment, development and succession planning; creation and use of organization-wide, risk assessment tool; successful definition and cultivation of organizational values and culture; effective leadership development; increased staff retention and development, with a tripling of productivity and increased compensation; end-to-end process and technology improvements that have reduced turnaround time by over 50% and created 100% mobile workforce that is geographically dispersed; implementation of credit risk scoring models that reduced rate of delinquency and write-offs by over 75%; dashboard reporting that enables real-time, data-driven decision-making; successful creation and launch of several new products; ten years of consecutive lending growth from 2011 through 2020; achievement of strong balance sheet position, despite 2008 Recession and 2020 COVID-19 pandemic; and expansion of service footprint from New York City to all 50 states.

Paul was a CPA at Deloitte Touche and earned his MBA in Finance at Columbia Business School where he was a Robert A. Toigo Fellow.

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