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Our goal is to help business owners ascend to a better life. And while you’ll find us listed individually below, you can be sure that we work together as a team to ensure your success.

Jennifer Spaziano, Senior Vice President of Operations and Innovation

Jennifer Spaziano has devoted her career to helping small business owners and is passionate about inclusive economic development.  Starting as an AmeriCorps volunteer in 2004, Jennifer has held strategic positions in multiple departments at Ascendus and currently serves as Vice President of Technology and Innovation.  Under her leadership, the organization has successfully launched three websites, implemented new products, and facilitated multiple data migrations and technology enhancements. She is adept at creating innovative solutions that address complex issues and deliver results. In 2020, Jennifer played a critical role in the organization’s launch of a new company name and brand identity. She also led development of the new Ascendus online application with robust enhancements that generated significant cost savings and business development opportunities for the company.

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