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Mind Your Business

Investors Bank Hosts 710 WOR’s Mind Your Business Program

Offering Small Businesses Useful Ideas for Building Back After the Crisis

Program Airs on Sunday, March 28 at 10 p.m.

New York City (March 23, 2021) – Investors Bank’s Head of Business & Government Banking, Michael MacIntyre will guest host 710 WOR-AM’s Mind Your Business program for Yitzchok Saftlas, the show’s founder, on Sunday, March 28 beginning at 10 p.m.

MacIntyre will interview the leaders of three major chambers of commerce and a top community development financial institution (CDFI). The host and each guest will review the range of resources and financial management tools,  plus grants or loans aimed at helping small businesses recover from the pandemic as quickly as possible. In addition. The discussions will touch on the assistance and support available for small businesses through the recently enacted $1.9 billion American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA), including grants to restaurants and hospitality businesses.

Joining MacIntyre on Mind Your Business are the following leaders:

  • Randy Peers, President & CEO of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce
  • John Harmon, IOM, Founder, President and CEO of the African American Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey
  • Thomas Grech, President and CEO of the Queens Chamber of Commerce
  • Paul Quintero, CEO of Ascendus CDFI

In announcing the upcoming program, MacIntyre said, “Each guest will outline the many private sector and public sector resources available to help continue the recovery process. Armed with this information and assistance from the chambers, CDFIs and banks, MacIntyre said, small business owners will be better prepared to “come out stronger on the opposite side of this crisis.”

Audiences may tune into the “Mind Your Business” program on the radio station 710 WOR-AM or listen online at

About Investors Bank

Investors Bank, headquartered in Short Hills, New Jersey, is a full-service commercial bank that has been serving customers since 1926. With more than $26 billion in assets and a network of more than 150 retail branches, Investors Bank delivers personalized services and products tailored to the needs of its customers. Investors Bank’s banking services include complete deposit, loan and treasury management products for consumers and businesses. Investors Bank: Member FDIC and Equal Housing Lender. Website:

About Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce

For over 100 years, the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce has spoken to the needs of the Brooklyn business community. Founded on Feb.6, 1918, the Brooklyn Chamber was, even then, a “modern” organization that saw itself as a protector and promoter of the commercial and industrial interests of the city. The Brooklyn Chamber has developed and nurtured an active civic spirit and sought to safeguard and improve living conditions and social welfare for local businesses and residents. The organization has a vibrant history that encapsulates the diverse, innovative and ever-evolving Brooklyn business community. As Brooklyn continues to evolve, the Brooklyn Chamber consistently works to offer top-quality services and new opportunities for its members. It advances the borough through outstanding promotion, support and advocacy as Brooklyn’s leading economic development organization. Website:

About the African American Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey

The AACCNJ performs an essential role in New Jersey’s economy. The Chamber seeks to economically empower and sustain African American communities, facilitating entrepreneurship and free enterprise activity within the state with direct programs. While providing a collective voice for New Jersey’s African American business leaders, the AACCNJ advocates and promotes economic diversity while fostering a climate of growth through major initiatives on education and public policy levels. Website:

About the Queens Chamber of Commerce

The Queens Chamber is the oldest and largest business association in the borough. The Chamber represents more than 1,300 companies with over 125,000 Queens-based employees. By helping businesses foster connections, advocating for their interests, educating them for success, and implementing programs that help them grow, the Chamber brings jobs and economic opportunity to every corner of the borough. Since 1911, the Chamber has been dedicated to helping build a strong local economy in Queens. Never in the past 110 years has the Chamber’s work been more important than it is today. Website:

About Ascendus CDFI

Ascendus, formerly Accion East, empowers low- to moderate-income (LMI) business owners with access to capital and financial education. With economic opportunity, these entrepreneurs – often individuals of color and women – can build assets, better provide for their families, create employment opportunities for their neighbors and strengthen their communities. Ascendus helps companies succeed. At Ascendus, teams work with business owners to advance businesses as well as their lives. Ascendus is dedicated to helping passionate entrepreneurs build successful businesses that provide for their families and improve their communities. Website:


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