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Accion East rebrands to “Ascendus”

Accion East rebrands to “Ascendus” in pursuit of bold new vision of financial ascension for all

NEW YORK, NY – In reflecting on today’s times and assessing the economic progress achieved in the U.S. over the past thirty years, the organization concluded it was time to embrace a bolder vision for the future. The new vision was based on the evidence that financial inclusion alone was no longer enough; instead, the organization decided to aim higher by creating a world of financial ascension for all.

The bold new vision inspired its new name, “Ascendus.”  The name stems from the word “ascend,” which means to rise, combined with the word “us,” which reflects the belief in collective and collaborative action to truly empower entrepreneurs and improve lives.

To achieve its new vision, Ascendus will remain focused on serving people in places that need it most, because unfortunately, opportunity is not equally distributed.

“The COVID-19 pandemic revealed but did not cause the pre-existing challenges faced by our clients.  It is now abundantly clear that the pursuit of financial inclusion has not worked and that for transformative change in our lifetime, we needed to aim our higher by seeking a vision of creating a world of financial ascension for everyone, ” said Paul Quintero, CEO of Ascendus.

The future of Ascendus will be guided by four key themes, including:

  • A Focus on Vision and Values: Ascendus will be guided by its vision of creating financial ascension for all, achieved by serving certain people in specific places most in need, and always inspired by the organizational values of adaptability, dedication, empathy, inclusion, integrity and passion.
  • Innovation for Impact: Ascendus will continually introduce products, services and offerings that advance the achievement of financial ascension for its clients.
  • Collaboration: Ascendus will partner with others on a journey of empowerment and improvement for the entrepreneurs we serve and the lives and communities they support.
  • Agility: Ascendus will remain nimble and entrepreneurial, rapidly implementing small but progressive evolutionary changes that will cumulatively achieve a transformative revolution.

Ascendus is a national nonprofit lender that for almost thirty years has empowered over 23,000 low- to moderate income business owners through access to capital and business support.

About Ascendus

Ascendus is a nonprofit small business lender whose vision is the creation of financial ascension for all, achieved by empowering low-to-moderate income entrepreneurs through access to capital and business support.  Since 1991, Ascendus has provided more than $211 million to over 23,600 small businesses owners across the country. For more information visit

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