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Hrsan Webster

Rideshare Business Term Loan

Brooklyn, New York

“I am very thankful for Ascendus, there’s a lot of people to help out there and now I can.”

Using Rideshare to Help a Community

For Hrsan, one loan had four major impacts. He can now help his community through independently suppling medical services to dozens of people, create jobs, double his income, and achieve financial stability.

Hrsan started off with a loan through the Rideshare Loan Program. Through that loan he made the connections and saved the capital needed to start a medical transportation company. Not only did Hrsan achieve his goal of working independently and helping others, but he also has a long lasting impact on his community.


Hrsan originally wanted to own a small business. When he quit his job as a Bank Sales Manager to work on this goal full time, he realized he needed to offset his costs and find a way to bridge the gap with working capital. He started working as a rideshare driver and found his way into a growing industry. “I didn’t realize how many people I could help simply by bringing them where they needed to be.” Hrsan began dedicating himself to being a rideshare driver full time, and eventually started expanding.

“By March of 2022, I had two cars, and I had big plans for expanding even more.” Hrsan rented his cars to other rideshare drivers, supplying vehicles, employment, and income to those in his community. He wanted to keep expanding, but needed capital to buy more vehicles, insurance, and overhead for maintenance.

“I used to pitch Ascendus to my small business owners who got denied before I was a business owner myself, I really liked the company.” As a small business owner in need of capital, Hrsan now found himself in a similar position. He reached out to Ascendus and received a $15,000 loan from the Rideshare Loan Program. “I used the loan to purchase a new vehicle, buy insurance for all my vehicles, and for maintenance.”


“You get to know your passengers; you hear their stories.” When Hrsan picked up an older client who was struggling to find a way to get to her doctor’s appointments on time, he knew he had to do something to help. “I said listen, I can help you, just let me know what you need.” Hrsan began transporting her to all her medical appointments, and she introduced him to her friends and the clinics she visited.

Through those connections, Hrsan started a medical transportation service for those in his community and now helps dozens of people get the care they need. “Without the funds from Ascendus, I wouldn’t have been able to purchase the vehicles that let me transition to this business.” Today, Hrsan’s income has doubled, and he has a direct impact in helping his community through supplying jobs and medical transportation services to those in need.

In the future, Hrsan hopes to grow being the largest medical transportation company in Brooklyn, to buy a small base, and to continue helping people daily. “I am very thankful for Ascendus, there’s a lot of people to help out there and now I can.”

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