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Henry Zunino


Everett, Massachussets

After the economy went down in 2008, Henry Zunino was left unemployed. After making the difficult decision to abandon his career as a sculptor, Henry decided to start his own business.


Combining his knowledge of biology with his passion for artisanship, Henry hoped to produce a line of edible sculptures safe for children with food allergies and dietary restrictions.


Funding his business proved more difficult than Henry had anticipated. In order to manufacture and produce his candies, Henry needed expensive equipment that he could not afford. He began revolving credit to pay his bills, knowing that he needed to find a more reliable source of capital.


When I went to apply for loans, no one gave me a dime they thought, candy company…recession. Henry discovered Ascendus through the Sam Adams Brewing The American Dream program, which he had signed up for seeking publicity for his business. Ascendus granted Henry a loan, with which he was able to build the machinery essential to manufacturing his candies.


Today, Henry is the proud owner of Strawberry Hill Confectionery, a high-end candy manufacturing company that employs an average of eight people, depending on the season. He aspires to one day open flagship stores in Boston, New York, and Chicago.


Faced with dreams larger than his resources, Henry refused to capitulate. I started out as a biologist, and I worked as a sculptor for eight years, and now I do a little bit of both. Everything that we make has a shape to it. I take pride in what I do.

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