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Wellesley, MA

“Without Ascendus I would have had to halt everything, and I would have lost two months of work. It was a huge deal.”

Recreating Medical Treatment in Massachusetts


Ever since Marga was a little kid, she always knew she wanted to be a physician. To her, being a physician would allow her to make an impact in the world. “I wanted people to remember the impact that I had on their lives.” However, in her daily job Marga felt as if her work environment wasn’t feeding into the impact that she wanted to make. “The way things are now in the medical profession; it isn’t feeding into my vision of community service. I knew that there needed to be a change in direction. I wanted to manifest my own vision for what quality healthcare could look like.”

Marga wanted to improve the field of healthcare, and to do that she had to form her own medical practice. She believed that healthcare should be holistic, and that it should focus on both the wellness of someone’s physical body as well as their mental and spiritual states. “Medicine started to feel like an assembly line. Just seeing patient after patient without really cultivating a caring relationship.” Marga wanted to create a community of care, and she wanted to head a practice where patients didn’t feel like they were in a doctor’s office but instead felt like they were being embraced by someone who was looking out for them.


Marga started off her practice as a primary care clinic focusing on mindfulness. She had a mission of not only healing her patients’ ailments but improving their overall quality of life as well. She employs massage therapists, reiki masters, and acupuncturists to help her patients. “It takes a village to help people improve.” Her clinic saw immediate success, and in 2021 Marga was named the Family Physician of the Year by the Massachusetts Academy of Family Physicians. With this recognition, Marga decided to expand her clinic.

Marga closed her clinic to work on renovations, but they took longer than expected. With no patients and having to pay vendors, Marga needed capital to cover her costs. “I had already started work on the renovations, and I needed to bridge the gap with funding so that I could reopen my clinic and pay my vendors.” Marga reached out to Ascendus and was able to receive a loan from the Grow with Google Grant. “Without Ascendus I would have had to halt everything, and I would have lost two months of work. It was a huge deal.” With her loan, Marga was able to pay her vendors, open her clinic, and buy two new medical machines. “My loan consultant was exceptionally understanding, compassionate, and went beyond what I expected. He really understood the pressure that was on me and my business.”


Today, Marga can serve her community by catering to their medical, physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. “This is the kind of business that will keep me going for years to come. It is the manifestation of what I wanted to be as a healthcare professional. Ascendus has helped me make this dream into a reality.”

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Dr. Marga resides in Needham, Massachusetts with her husband David, and their children Lucas, Rafa, and Ava and hosts a health and wellness public tv show, Mindful Me with Dr. Marga airing all over Massachusetts and on Facebook and YouTube.

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