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Naivi and Wilmer Oliva

Oliva's Nursery Botanica

Miami, FL

“It was amazing to have the support. We kept our employees on payroll and could pay all the expenses for our family.” – Naivi Oliva

Naivi and Wilmer Bring Greenery and Wellness To Their Community


“Our business has given color to our life, it keeps us going, and has made our bond with our family and community stronger.”

After years of challenging work to get their plant nursery off the ground, Naivi and her husband Wilmer finally felt they were at a point of success and stability. “Things were going great, I had just given birth to our third child, and we were expanding our nursery.” But with all small businesses the nature is unpredictable. “All of a sudden, things dropped. We did not want to stop expanding. Even though things were not the best now, we knew they would pick up again. But with the new addition to the family, it was getting hard to make ends meet.”

Naivi reached out to Ascendus through a TD Bank referral to help their business stay afloat and received a $25,000 loan from the Southern Opportunity and Resilience Fund. “It was amazing to have the support. We kept our employees on payroll and could pay all the expenses for our family. Then, business picked up again, and we had the capital for the inventory to sustain the demand.”


Before they opened their plant nursery, Naivi and her husband Wilmer were constantly exhausted. Because of their high-stress work environments, their day-to-day jobs did not allow for a focus on what mattered most to them: their families, their community, and their personal health. “We were giving up quality time to live paycheck to paycheck. Wilmer worked 15 hours a day, and I worked full time then came home to do all the household chores and care for our three kids. We had no space for personal growth.”

Naivi noticed that her stress and diet were contributing to illnesses, not only to her but to those in her community. “I did not want to live this way anymore, and I wanted to help my community get healthier. We always loved nature and had a green thumb, so we decided to get into the business of plants and herbs.”


“It was extremely difficult at first, and still is at times, but it is so much easier with the right person by your side. Once I had the worst day, and I came home to freshly cut flowers on the table from my husband. I am so grateful to him. From the small things like bringing me coffee, to taking over when I’m exhausted. This business has made us stronger.”

Naivi and Wilmer started with $0 and one paycheck. Today, they are both fully invested in the business, opening a second location, creating their own garden to become self-sustainable by growing their own plants, and raising their kids to one day take over the business. “Our business helped us achieve a life that was in tune with what we wanted, one that was focused on family and providing our community the education and opportunities to have a healthier lifestyle.”

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