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Yoel Molina

Law Office of Yoel Molina P.A.

Miami, Florida

“There, they received me with open arms, gave me everything I asked for and did for me what others could not.” –Yoel Molina

Yoel Molina practices law in Miami and works closely with the immigrant community there. Not so long ago, he needed financial support to keep his business afloat during what was a difficult time. After getting turned down for a loan from a bank, Yoel was referred to Ascendus. “There, they received me with open arms, gave me everything I asked for and did for me what others could not,” said Yoel.

The first loan he received, in the amount of $20,000, allowed him to grow his business by hiring a consultant to run several online marketing campaigns. Yoel was also able to hire extra staff. This meant he could step out of the office from time-to-time to meet people and further grow his network. As a result, business picked up quickly and continues to steadily improve today.

More recently, his relationship with Ascendus has grown even stronger as he frequently mentors other small business owners at sponsored sessions. I love answering their questions. “I also enjoy building and maintaining relationships with young entrepreneurs,” added Molina.

Giving back is part of his DNA: he runs a Christmas toy drive annually, is currently involved in a school supply drive for his community’s middle school, and makes sure to hire local high school students as interns so they have a chance to build their own resumes.

Yoel will always stay loyal to his hometown of Miami, which he sees as a unique place because so many businesses are family-run. There are many third generation entrepreneurs who possess the traditional American spirit. “They embrace hard work and have left their countries for opportunities that the United States gives them,” he said.

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