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Lisa Galvez

Libre Physical Therapy

Miami, Florida

“When I first received the loan deferment, it was during a time when I had no idea what was going to happen, so it was definitely beneficial.” –Lisa Galvez

A Schedule That Fits

As a physical therapist for nearly 30 years, Lisa decided to start her own private practice when she first became a mother and wanted a career path that would allow her to spend more designated time with her child. “Making my own schedule gives me a lot of flexibility, so that I can be at that baseball or hockey game.” In 2014, she started Libre Physical Therapy with her business partner Brenda, which provides physical and occupational therapy for adults and children in Miami-Dade County, both in-clinic and homebound. With a growing need for the services her business provided, Lisa was soon able to open two more locations.

From Physical to Virtual

When the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in March 2020 and social distancing regulations began to transform communities, Lisa was forced to temporarily close one of her clinic locations and witnessed a significant client decrease at another. “While we have seen patients, it’s been very few. People don’t want to come in.” Most importantly, Lisa and her 20 employees have had to completely rethink the structure of their services, which up until then, had relied almost entirely on physical contact.

Despite the scope of challenges she faces, Lisa has been surprised at the willingness of herself and her team to adapt. “I thought about how I can benefit these patients, so I started thinking outside the box. We have transitioned a lot of therapy sessions to be virtual.” Lisa was able to receive a loan deferment from Ascendus, whom she had been referred to by her banker at Bank of America. “When I first received the loan deferment, it was during a time when I had no idea what was going to happen, so it was definitely beneficial.”

No One is Alone

During a time of intensified isolation, Lisa and her staff’s ability to provide virtual services has been lifesaving for many, particularly those living alone and the elderly, which often come hand in hand. “We’re coming into their home virtually and asking them how they are and asking them to get up and move and breathe, and meditate, and it’s been so beneficial.” Lisa has also maintained a profound appreciation for her team. “Our therapists have done an amazing job getting outside that box. They’re helping to keep our doors open. The uncertainty is scary, but this whole time we’ve felt very grateful.” Throughout the last few months, Lisa has learned just how powerful a collaborative effort can be. “We can be resourceful when we need to be, and when we work together.”

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