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Indira Cristin

Bettersweet Bites

Miami, Florida

“My business is my career, my passion and my life. It’s more than just a means for income, it makes me happy.” – Indira Cristin


When Indira moved to the United States from her home in Venezuela, the career path she had always known collapsed. Indira had been working in finance after receiving her business administration degree in Venezuela butwas unable to transfer her credits after moving. She suddenly found herself in an unfamiliar country with no reliable career and limited knowledge of English. “I had no idea what to do. I felt like I had to start over again.” Indira realized she not only needed to find a new career, but one she would find fulfilling and that would enable her to make connections in a city where she knew almost no one. This meant she would need to find a completely different route. “The thought of starting over in the same industry didn’t make me happy because it just wasn’t my passion.”



As someone who had never considered herself athletic, Indira found clarity through an unlikely hobby: CrossFit. Introduced by a friend, Indira became hooked by the exercise’s intensity and competitive edge. Indira soon began to make other significant changes in her life. “CrossFit made me want to change my diet and lifestyle. I was craving sweets but I wanted to eat something better for me. I started experimenting with recipes in my kitchen. I realized how much I enjoyed it and decided to make it my business.”


Bettersweet Bites is a vegan and gluten-free bakery offering custom cakes online, as well as an assortment of treats in retail locations throughout Miami. As a new company, Indira knew she needed financial assistance to establish her brand. She was referred to Ascendus by her banker at Bank of America, and her loan enabled her to purchase baking equipment, create a website and take professional photos to include online. “Those additions have helped my sales increase, which has had an impact on me. You feel great when you see your business succeed. I’m more creative and have more motivation.”



Indira’s mother recently came to the U.S. to help with her business, an infinite lift for Indira. “There’s no one in the world who wants the best for me more than her.” While she now has four employees, it wasn’t long ago that Indira ran her business alone, and her experience playing every role has only strengthened her relationship with her staff. “It makes me value and respect my employees. Everyone I hired originally still works for me. We’re like a family.” Indira’s business has not only given her the opportunity to build her own community, but to continue familiarizing herself with her city. “It has helped me connect with so many people.” Finally, Indira has found the sense of fulfillment she had been missing. “My business is my career, my passion and my life. It’s more than just a means for income, it makes me happy.”

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