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Doris Flores Montoyas

Doris' Peruvian Pastries

New England, Massachusetts


The idea came to the Flores Montoya family at the dinner table. The Flores Montoyas were on a family vacation, and the conversation had shifted to Doris’s passion for baking. Marco, Doris’s youngest son, had already been thinking about ways that their family could make a little extra income within their home, and the solution suddenly became apparent to him: they would turn Doris’s love of creating sweets into a business.


Doris grew up baking. In Peru, her mother had been a skilled baker and cooker, and Doris had learned by watching her. When Marco was in college, she would send him care packages of pastries she had baked, which he would then share with his friends, always to be met with unanimously positive reactions. Each member of the Flores Montoya family is an active and valued member of the bakery’s team: Doris is the head baker, Marco is in charge of marketing, Doris’s older son Gabriel helps prepare the pastries and assists with the website, and Doris’s husband helps with the bakery’s presence at farmers markets. Doris is also part of a group of entrepreneurs called MILE, where she has learned more about business strategies.



Now already sold in multiple stores throughout the Boston area, what sets Doris’ Peruvian Pastries apart from other bakeries is that it not only offers delicious treats, but is a celebration of the family’s Peruvian heritage. Doris uses original recipes, many coming from her own family. For the Flores Montoya family, this has been both the most challenging and their favorite part of running a business. “These are products not many people are aware of,” explained Marco, “so especially coming from a cultural background, we want to make sure our product is not just accepted, but appreciated for its value.”


Doris had applied for a loan from her bank, Digital Federal Credit Union, but since they were a new business, they were unable to receive one. Her bank put her in contact with Ascendus, and with the loan they received, the Flores Montoyas were able to purchase a commercial oven. “We were so grateful to be able to purchase that oven,” Doris explained. They then applied for a second loan, which gave them the capital needed to buy another machine for baking as well as new branded boxes for their pastries.


While a family-owned business might be too challenging for some, the Flores Montoya family has worked through every obstacle by emphasizing clear communication and respect. “We’ve been able to really make that sure that we’re listening to each other. Before we make any decision, we consider everyone in the family,” Marco explained. The family is also motivated by their faith as well as a collective passion for their heritage and sharing its sweetness with the public. “We’re trying to introduce our pastries so people can see how rich our entire culture is.”

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