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Julyano Texeira

Granite Countertop Pro.

Looking to improve his financial opportunities, Julyano opened his own business Granite Countertop Pro. His business started off with just him and his son knocking on doors where they saw new construction, approaching contractors, and visiting lumberyards. Over the years he slowly built his clientele, and today, with a team of nine granite artists, he acquires, treats, and installs granite fixtures for private homes and commercial spaces, including things like kitchen countertops, fireplace surroundings, islands, and more.


Even after several years of growing the business, with his employees and his family back in Brazil counting on him, he had a difficult time securing capital due to his lack of credit history. I needed more cash flow in order to keep up with the demand, he says. Most of my profits are reinvested in the business, but sometimes it takes too long to save up money to acquire the equipment I need.


Eventually, Julyano heard about Ascendus through one of his friends, a former client. At the time, he needed capital to repair a faulty air compressor. Without being able to replace the essential tool, he would have had to wait to raise the cash, forcing him to cancel some of his contracts. Instead, the loan from Ascendus provided him with the flexibility to act quickly, ensuring the continued growth of his business, and no cancelled contracts.


Most entrepreneurs will tell you that access to capital is the bedrock of their business. With the capital provided by Ascendus, Julyano’s business has continued to grow rapidly, mostly through word of mouth. Putting to use the financial guidance he received from Ascendus, Julyano has become extremely diligent with his bookkeeping, which has helped him not only to establish credit, but also greatly improve it. Recently Julyano received a second, larger loan from Ascendus, which enabled him to purchase a forklift to help keep up with growth.


He is now well on his way to reaching his goal of becoming a one-stop shop for remodeling, and one of the top granite businesses in the state. Julyano’s success has enabled him to provide for his family here at home and for his parents back in Brazil. Julyano says his favorite thing about being a business owner is the ability to pursue his dreams, and to help others pursue theirs. As an added bonus, many of his clients end up becoming friends, and these days, Julyano has plenty of them.

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