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Arturo Griego


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“The process was quick and easy and all online.”-Arturo Griego

“It seems like my career has always been in crisis, whether it’s the real estate market or the stock market, something is always adversely affecting the architectural business,” said Arturo Griego, architect and owner of G3. “It’s just a normal part of working in this industry.”

But in 2020, Arturo suddenly faced a crisis that was far from normal.

“Over a million dollars worth of contracts went away overnight,” he said, remembering the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic. “It was unlike anything else we’d ever experienced.

“During difficult times I like to stay really busy,” he said, “whether it’s continuing to work on the projects we have at the moment or researching ways to help keep my business moving forward tomorrow, I always try to stay focused and stay busy.”

Once again, Arturo’s tenacity paid off. As a result of his research, he found Ascendus’s online application for the Southern Opportunity and Resilience (SOAR) Fund loan. “The process was quick and easy and all online,” said Arturo. “I applied for the loan, they followed up with me a couple times, and I got the funds in a just a few weeks. We used the money to finish the construction of our offices, which was halted due to COVID, as well as, hire, manage and train two new employees.”

As an avid fan of technology and being a private pilot, Arturo is not your typical architect. His firm is dedicated to implementing cutting-edge technology and innovation. “The design and construction industry has been doing things the same way for decades – literally, brick by brick,” Arturo said, describing his passion. “At G3, we bring new thinking and new technologies to the projects we manage, so that not only do they run more efficiently, they also incorporate sustainable design and materials.”

Like all business owners, Arturo views his work as a way to provide for his family, but, in his case, he also sees his business as a public service that aims to make homes safe and environmentally responsible. “Every little thing that we do, that we design, manage, or build, it’s not just a signature on a file. It’s public safety. It’s a major responsibility, today and for future generations.”

Now, as the world continues to feel the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ascendus will continue to help entrepreneurs like Arturo. Those who stay busy during difficult times. Those who search for new ways to make a positive impact. Those who refuse to give up their dreams.

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