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Anthony Acevedo

Anthony Acevedo’s Non-Medical Emergency Transportation

Cambridge, New York

“Ascendus helped me through each step of the application, guiding me and really helping me out.” –Anthony Acevedo

An Invaluable Reward

After being in the transportation business for decades in New York City, Anthony moved to upstate New York to be closer to his children and to apply his industry experience to a new professional endeavor that his community would need. He started Anthony Acevedo’s Non-Medical Emergency Transportation, which transports individuals, many of them low income, to and from their medical appointments. “It’s very gratifying to me that I’m able to have my own business while also serving my community. There’s no amount of money that can be put in your pocket that would mean as much to me as what we do, as that feeling that you did something really meaningful that day.”

A Future At Risk

Yet when the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in March 2020, Anthony found that his regular patients who were once most in need of his services were now facing the most vulnerability in leaving their homes. As nearly every kind of medical appointment transitioned to being virtual, Anthony found his business struggling. “Virtual appointments have replaced 85% of our services. It’s hurting our business a lot.” With increasing health regulations, Anthony struggled to keep up with ongoing expenses. “All of the precautionary items we need to use cost money. So now we’re making less and spending more.” With so much uncertainty for both himself and his employees, Anthony feels understandably anxious for the future. “We’re all afraid of the unknown. If someone who rode in my car was sick, I’d have to shut down. This is my health and my livelihood.”

Finding a Way Forward with Ascendus By My Side

However, Anthony had been referred to Ascendus by his banker at TD Bank and was able to receive a loan in late 2019, which enabled him to continue providing lifesaving services for many of his patients. “With the loan, I bought my first minivan. Our dialysis patients are basically our only patients going to the doctor right now. Without that minivan I would not be in business, because our dialysis patients are all wheelchair bound.” Anthony also received a PPP loan through Ascendus in May 2020. “The PPP loan is helping us navigate through this time. Ascendus helped me through each step of the application, guiding me and really helping me out because they understood the circumstances and the fact that so many businesses needed help.”

Despite the uncertainty, Anthony continues to uphold the essential mission of his business, and to maintain a sense of gratitude for what’s most important to him. “Over the past few months, I’ve really learned to appreciate life, and to try to be a better dad and a better business owner. It’s hard, but I try do it every day.”

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