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Another Rideshare? John Sosa Drove Laughs Into an App.

CT App

Boston, MA

“People laughed at me, but I had a clear vision of what I wanted to achieve.” – John Sosa

As any entrepreneur knows, success takes more than just a dream; it’s often a marathon full of obstacles. For John Sosa, a Colombian immigrant who came to the US at the age of 15, it took working seven days a week as a livery cab driver.  

“I didn’t have a steady job and I needed to find a way to pay my bills. One day, I was discussing my financial struggles with an acquaintance who ended up lending me a hand. He sold me a car, said that I could pay him back in installments, and encouraged me to print out business cards and start working for friends who needed to run errands.” 

That was the seed that would grow into Cura Transportation Corporation, the livery cab company that John created in Boston in 2009 and eventually became CT App in 2020. “People laughed at me, but I had a clear vision of what I wanted to achieve,” he said.  








The beginnings of Cura Transportation were not easy. John hired a programmer to build a website, but he failed to deliver a working online platform, took all the money that John had saved, and left him emptyhanded.  

“I realized that the real challenge in business is to continue to believe in yourself even if no one else does,” he said. “My mantra when I feel like throwing in the towel is ‘insist, persist and do not give up.’ These words are my self motivation pill.”  

Determined to succeed, John worked hard to finetune his vision. Tapping into his experience as a livery cab driver, his knowledge of East Boston, and his love for connecting with his passengers and helping his community, Cura Transportation Corporation became a recipe for success and the company grew to seven full-time employees and 25 drivers.  










John’s business was expanding when the pandemic arrived in early 2020 and brought everything to a standstill. No calls. No rides. No income.  

Cura Transportation nearly shut down, but John discovered Ascendus and was able to receive a PPP loan. “Ascendus was my lifesaver. They took my dream and helped me elevate it and make it bigger. I used the money to design, develop and launch a ridesharing app. This is how Cura Transportation was transformed into CT App.” 

Many thought that CT App couldn’t compete with other well-known ridesharing apps, but CT App is different: clients can choose to pay in cash. “For many reasons, not everybody has a debit or credit card, and I don’t want to exclude those potential clients,” said John.  

Since then, CT App has become a participating company in the B-Local program, developed by the City of Boston. Consumers who sponsor businesses in this program can earn points redeemable for free rides through the app.  

CT App is now featured on the Apple and Android stores, but John’s vision doesn’t stop here. “Next, I want to have my own fleet of vehicles to employ people who want to work but don’t have a car. I want to give back and help both drivers and clients improve the quality of their lives,” he said. “I started this venture not just for me, but to help others see that it is possible to achieve your dreams despite the many obstacles that may be in your way.”

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