Marisa Nuñez, Marisa Hair, Long Island City, NY

Joneyra and Johnny Layas

4Pets Mobile LLC

Altamonte Springs, Florida

“We been through a lot. Ascendus gives good information and is very flexible… to get the loan.” –Joneyra Layas

As their nostrils filled with smoke, the Layas watched a part of their dream burst into flames a few feet in front of them. Flames engulfed the entire mobile grooming vehicle within the span of eight minutes, rendering it completely destroyed and inoperable. The Layas could only stand at a distance as they watched ten years’ worth of work burn in front of their eyes.


Like having a pet, building and running a successful business takes time, patience, love and devotion. The Layas worked for ten years before they could afford to buy their first grooming van.

But, by 2011 – their hard work paid off. They had saved enough money for their first van – driving over 1,000 miles from Orlando to Indiana to pick it up.

The Layas worked tirelessly to make 4Pets Mobile a household name for pet grooming in the Orlando community. “You work and you work. You can do it…never be scared just do what you have to do. And do what you are passionate about,” shared Johnny.

With support from Prospera in Orlando, they established loyal clientele and gained a great reputation, especially among seniors. Serving Orlando’s senior citizens is important to the Layas, who offer a vital service in their community– “they can’t put their 150 pound Retriever in the car…so we do it for them.”


On a sunny day in 2013, while Joneyra was in the middle of grooming, she sensed something wasn’t quite right inside the van. Trusting her gut, she took the dog into her arms and ran out of the van – just before the flames engulfed the entire vehicle, along with everything inside.


Despite their business’ success, paying for the damages resulting from the fire became a huge hurdle towards expansion. Although the Layas had insurance coverage –it wasn’t enough. Lacking in business revenue because of the loss of the one van, Joneyra and Johnny were short on cash. They went to several banks with their business’ projections, but still didn’t qualify for a loan. That’s where Ascendus came in to help.

Working closely with an Ascendus loan consultant, The Layas were able to receive an SBA 7a Community Advantage Loan for $119,000. This loan replaced the missing van and provided them the working capital they needed to revitalize their business. “We been through a lot. Ascendus gives good information and is very flexible… to get the loan.”

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