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Our goal is to help business owners ascend to a better life. And while you’ll find us listed individually below, you can be sure that we work together as a team to ensure your success.

Bill Popeleski, Senior Advisor to the CEO

Bill Popeleski is the Senior Advisor to the CEO and is the primary liaison between the CEO and the board of directors. He provides governance structure and strategy oversight for the fiduciary board and two boards of advisors. He serves as point person for all communications between the Board of Directors and executive team. Prior to this role, Bill was Chief Operations Officer overseeing Ascendus’ operations, including finance & accounting and IT. Bill is an entrepreneur and operations-IT executive with over 25 years’ experience consulting financial services companies such as Kohlberg Kravitz Roberts (KKR), Citibank, UBS, and JPMorgan Chase. He has worked with clients that are undergoing rapid change, helping them to optimize their people, processes, and technology. His specialty is providing customized, innovative solutions in a way that eases their acceptance, rather than roiling firm culture. He works with his clients to help structure and position their organizations to be lean, innovative, and nimble.

Bill sits on the boards of numerous prestigious academic and creative art institutions. He has a BA from Wilkes University in Psychology, PA, and an MBA from Suffolk University, Sawyer Business School, Boston, MA.

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