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Línea de crédito Get Ready

No FICO minimum! This line of credit product is designed for African American small business owners ready to improve their credit and invest in their business. The Get Ready Line of Credit starts at $500 for the first 6 months and grows to $5,000 with good repayment and completion of a credit action plan. Offered at 13.99%. Qualified businesses will be located in New York City.

Requisitos para la línea de crédito Get Ready

  • Minority owned business (This product is limited to African American Small Business Owners)
  • New clients only
  • Business must be in NYC
  • Business must be in operation for 3 years
  • No minimum FICO
  • Less than $10,000 in past due debt
  • No outstanding charge-offs
aplicar en línea o llame al 866 245 0783.

“Ascendus was the first place that looked at the entire picture. They were the first place that recognized what I had accomplished. It makes a world of difference to have someone believe in you. Ascendus gave me resources, helped me build credit, and helped me prove that I could pay back a loan.” – Emelyn Stuart, Stuart Cinema & Cafe

Línea de crédito Get Ready


  • Loan amounts start at $500
  • Loan increases up to $5,000, after 6 months (Subject to good standing)
  • Interest rate: 13.99% Fixed APR
  • Qualify once, enjoy credit access for life
  • No pre-payment penalties
  • No maintenance fees
  • No collateral required to qualify


Neysa Cruceta: [email protected]

617-616-1582 (English & Spanish)


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Ascendus is a nonprofit lender with over 30 years of experience serving entrepreneurs like you. When you contact Ascendus, you’ll meet our experienced staff who will work with you one-on-one to find the best business lending solution for you. We work with a diverse group of business owners and provide a solution when traditional lenders cannot.

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